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Vape cartridge has a long-lasting effect or a preserving effect. The liquid inside the vape cartridge does not evaporate, so it is said to have a longevity effect. While smoking bud carbonizes the valuable cannabis, the vape cartridge only carbonizes the cannabis that is inhaled. Vape cartridge also helps to maintain the potency of the cannabis.

There are mainly two types of vape cartridge, which are made of plastic or glass and metal. Vape cartridge, which is made of ordinary plastic, are said to be affordable, and the use of lower grade material is also said to affect the flavor inside the vape cartridge. Vape cartridge, which is made of glass and metal, is said to be placed in a more premium section. Also, the use of glass and metal used to manufacture the vape cartridge helps to maintain the viscosity of the oil. Also, vape cartridge is made of glass and metal that does not melt when heated.

Some of the brands, which are renowned for selling Vape Cartridge are Select Oil, The Bloom Brand, Brite Labs, EEL River Organics, Avitas Natural, Airo Vapour, Kingpen, Evolab Chroma, Orchid Essentials, Absolute Extracts, Dutchy Oil, Level Elevate and Honey.

Vape cartridge content can be mainly segmented into three categories: CO2 Oil, distillates, and additives. Vape cartridge is made of CO2 oil and does not require any additives to maintain its viscosity and can be easily vaporized. Some of the vape cartridges are made up of distillates i.e., the oil is highly refined and contains the purest form of cannabinoids, and besides it, nothing else is used to reduce its viscosity. Few additives are also used in the oil content of the vape cartridge as a thinning agent to maintain the consistency of oil for the atomizer to function.

One of the notable features of vape cartridge market is the availability of different distribution channels. Vape cartridge has distribution channels, such as convenience stores, hypermarket, and retail stores. Vape cartridge has also been sold through medical shops as well. Vape cartridges are widely sold on various third-party e-commerce websites. The availability of multiple different distribution channels would be a huge help in vape cartridge market.

More developed countries, such as America, Japan, and China, as well as countries from Europe, have shown increasing growth in the demands for vape cartridge. While the vape cartridge market in developing countries, such as India, Malaysia, Mexico, etc. is in its growing stage. It would eventually create a potential marketplace for the companies producing vape cartridge. The Middle Eastern countries have also recently shown gaining awareness about the vape cartridge pen and would soon start generating a demand for the same.

The key sales channels for vape cartridges include vape shops, modern trade, online sales, and tobacconists. Among them, vape cartridges represent the highest revenue from vape shops, though their demand has been witnessing fastest growth through online channels.

The research report presents a comprehensive assessment of the Vape Cartridge market and contains thoughtful insights, facts, and historical data and statistically supported and industry-validated market data. It also contains projections using a suitable set of assumptions and methodologies. The Vape Cartridge market report provides analysis and information, according to market segments such as geographies, type, content, and sales channel.

Industry Insights

The global e-cigarette and vaping market size were valued at USD 7.19 billion in 2016. It is anticipated to register a CAGR of 23.8% over the forecast period. The market is expected to gain traction over the forecast period, owing to the growing popularity of these products among millennials. Moreover, the availability of a variety of e-cigarette options is another factor projected to provide a tremendous push to the market over the forecast period.

The e-cigarette is a battery-operated device that is considered as a safe alternative to smoking cigarettes. The industry is non-uniformly regulated as effects of the devices are under review. Large tobacco companies have flourished by introducing these devices through various brands that cater to different requirements, thereby enhancing the quality and level of customization of the products.

The market has evolved since 2014 as e-cigarettes, and vaping devices are becoming more efficient in terms of battery life and range of flavors in the market. The flavor is a vital selling proposition in these devices. As a result, manufacturers are trying to come up with flavors that also emit pleasant smell when a device is lit. Also, the cost-effectiveness of these devices is further promoting the sales of these devices.

Several medical associations worldwide have verified e-cigarettes as being safer than traditional cigarettes. Rising awareness regarding the results of such studies is boosting the adoption of e-cigarettes and vaping devices among the younger generation. Moreover, customization options offered by vendors and continuous improvements in designs and flavors are paving the way for new and improved products. This trend, in turn, is likely to work in favor of the market during the forecast period.

On the other hand, strict regulations enforced by local authorities across various countries such as the U.S. and Germany are estimated to hamper the growth of the market. Multiple countries are banning distribution and sales of vapor products, which in turn, is deterring the global sales of these products. Furthermore, stringent trading laws have made it challenging to import vaping devices for personal consumption. Participants of the vaping industry have formed various associations to combat these policies against their products and to regularize the sector.


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